1. What is Capture the Flag (CTF)?
    Read this: http://ctftime.org/ctf-wtf/
  2. What kind of CTF is this?
    It's a Jeopardy-Style CTF with some changes specific to the CCC Camp. Everyone can play, however, on-site teams have a serious advantage, which is probably necessary to win the CTF. The reason for this is that we will award points to teams who are willing to share their solution in a short presentation during the CTF. This educative twist is accompanied by fewer, easier challenges that might appeal better to beginners. Once a solution is published, we will lower the points for the corresponding challenge.
  3. How can I present a solution to a challenge and get more points?
    You need to solve the challenge. Next, find an organizer and claim your spot as presenter. You can try IRC, email or personal interaction. We will give the opportunity to present based on a first-come-first-serve principle.
  4. How should the presentation look like?
    We value an educative presentation. Please assume only little prior knowledge in exploitation and give a short definition of terms you use, e.g. GOT, Stack, Heap, etc, even if it seems easy/boring. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or not know something in detail. You can prepare a few slides, or just demonstrate the way you solved the challenge on your laptop.
  5. Who are you?
    We are StratumAuhuur, a CTF team from Germany. The team mainly consists of members of the two german hackerspaces CCCAC and Stratum 0.