Since the Lightning talks were interrupted by Lightning, we continue the session at 23:45, we have some beers for you :)

Thanks to all pariticipants, we hope it was fun and you learned something!

Final ranks:

  • milliways
  • H4x0rPsch0rr
  • nneonneo


See you in 30 minutes at the Chaose West village

Dear CTF Players,

The CTF will be finished shortly before (Sunday, 20:30) the last round of presentations (Sunday, 21:00)

Happy Hacking!

Hi guys,

tomorrow at 9pm we're gonna have the final set of presentations at the Chaos West Village.


Hi guys,

tonight presentations will be a little later: 9.30pm at the Chaos West Village. We will have a projector and also loudspeaker, amplifier and microphone.


Hi guys,

first set of presentations is scheduled to happen at 9.15pm at the Chaos West Village. We're going to have a projector set up.


Dear Camp visitors,

In good tradition we continue to host a CTF competition during CCC events, this time during the Camp. The CTF will be "jeopardy style", requiring no setup on your part and it will be open to everyone, online and on site.

However, in order to win the CTF, you will probably need to be on site, because we will award points to teams that present their solution to a challenge in a short presentation. The idea is to host an educative CTF for beginners and therefore challenges will be relatively easy compared to other CTFs.

The CTF will start sometime on Thursday, 18:00h with presentation slots on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to the FAQ on our page for details.


Good luck and have fun!