• Solves: 31
  • Can you exploit this one for me? bitterman is running on challs.campctf.ccc.ac:10103 This time NX is enabled, to make sure it's not too easy. Here's the libc.

  • Solves: 17
  • There are too many datenklo's, this tool is for managing them.

    nc challs.campctf.ccc.ac 10102


  • Solves: 64
  • What's your hacker level?

    Find out with this nifty little app at challs.campctf.ccc.ac:10118. You can also run your own instance: hacker_level

  • Solves: 30
  • This one has NX disabled. So it's easy, right?

    Running on challs.campctf.ccc.ac:10106

  • Solves: 38
  • Ordinary calculators are obsolete now.

    ropcalc is running on challs.campctf.ccc.ac:10109

  • Solves: 57
  • You have to recover some data from challs.campctf.ccc.ac:10105.

    Binary: secret_file

  • Solves: 25
  • Shell is running on challs.campctf.ccc.ac:10117

  • Solves: 107
  • You have problems remembering all your different passwords?

    Here is THE tool for you!

    nc challs.campctf.ccc.ac 10113

  • Solves: 19
  • You are part of an cyber security cyber incident response team and your customer suspects somebody pwned one of their servers.

    Examine the memory dump to get the flag.

    Download: dump.vmem

  • Solves: 10
  • We made a simple AVR-circuit try to extract the flag. You'll probably need this binary.

  • Solves: 3
  • The Flagbox circuit is also onsite at our location. Find a way to display the flag and visit us to get the flag. You'll probably need this binary.

  • Solves: 29
  • Find valid credentials for the registration server keycheck running on challs.campctf.ccc.ac 10114

  • Solves: 3
  • We saw a strange signal which is repeated every second on exactly 2.5GHz at the Chaos West Village.

    You got one of those rad1o badges. Maybe you can record the signal, find the correct demodulation and retrieve the flag.

    Please be in the vicinity of the given coordinates. The signal is not very strong.

    If you experience problems (no signal, disruption of other services due to the transmission etc.), please call Andy on his DECT number 4335.

  • Solves: 14
  • we couldn't get the real flag, could you ? ;)

    P.S: No Bruteforce of any kind is needed to solve the task

  • Hints:
    • admin love to eat pears

  • Solves: 4
  • you might need some voodoo powers to pwn this box


  • Solves: 22
  • What does this service do? It hides a flag!