35C3 CTF

Fellow CTF players,

35C3 CTF is officially confirmed. This is the 7th iteration of this event and it will be as awesome as ever! It is a Jeopardy style CTF and is open to everyone online. The contest will run for 48 hours, from Dec 27th, 20:00 UTC to Dec 29th, 20:00 UTC. As always, try not to ruin other people's fun.

If you happen to be at the 35th Chaos Communication Congress, you are free to come and hack with us and register an assembly in the CTF area.

There will be a less hardcore version of this CTF with a different, easier challenge set. You can read more about it on the linked website.

The winner of this event will qualify for DEF CON Finals 2019!

Of course, there will be pwnage!

IRC: #35c3ctf@irc.hackint.org

Twitter: @EatSleepPwnRpt

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Plase consider pre-downloading and seeding the encrypted VM images at https://pastebin.com/KM5fZcgG, especially if you do not have access to macOS hardware.

Infrastructure sponsored by Google Cloud