1. What is a Capture the Flag (CTF)?
    Read this: http://ctftime.org/ctf-wtf/
  2. What kind of CTF is this?
    It's a Jeopardy-Style CTF like the last years: 29c3ctf 30c3ctf 31c3ctf 32c3ctf 33c3ctf 34c3ctf..
  3. Who are you?
    We are Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat! a CTF team from Germany. You might know us from some German CTF teams like KITCTF, Stratum Auhuur, Stratum 0 or CCCAC.
  4. Is there a flag format?
    Yes! Basically they start with 35C3_
  5. How are challenge points calculated?
    This year's CTF has dynamically calculated challenge points, the formula is:
    int(round(min_points + (max_points - min_points) / (1 + (max(0, solves - 1) / 11.92201) ** 1.206069)))
    min_points and max_points are 30 and 500 for most challenges.
    Please note that the coefficients are subject to change while our deep neural network optimizes them for your ideal game experience.
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