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Chaoss is a softwaresuite working with MIDI, VJing-stuff and foremost: touchscreens. Currently a prototype exists with three components:

  • Surface
A 2 dimensional (theoretically using angle and pressure sensitivity it even achieves 3 dimensions) MIDI controller
  • Repeater
A linear sequencer that plays preconfigured notes via touchscreen operated repeaters
  • Receiver
All of the current controlling components can transmit their data via tcp/udp. Receiver is the backend transforming the signals back to midi output.


More components won't hurt. If you have a nice idea, feel free to submit! (Via my contactdata or on this page if you have an account here)

Name Description
Multitouch Could be implemented using the FingLonger when it should ever become useable.


Work has begun in parallel to implement a nifty VJing tool using pyffmpeg (so you can play all the formats you ever wanted - including animated gifs), numpy and pyopengl. See the corresponding VJing-subpage.


The project has been submitted to the three relevant mentoring organizations, but sadly didn't get accepted.


bitbucked repository

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/riot/chaoss/

Soon to come Trac


Currently at least this documentation is licensed under creative commons.

CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 2009 Riot