Top 3 are:

  1. pasten
  2. Dragon Sector
  3. First Order

Congratulations! 48 hours are over and we were actually scared we didn't provide enough challenges, but it worked out fine! All teams did a great job and we had a lot of fun.

We look forward to you joining us in Hall A.1 now and grab some beers,


<voice level="vito">
Attention teams,

you have all done well. We just released two more challenges, ITD and the.

There will be no more challenges. Also, we increased the points for carder(also: a hint!) and vault by 100 each.

Don't forget, we'll have an CTF Aftershow in Hall A.1, right after the CTF, obviously.

Beer will be provided, courtesy of Cuckoo Sandbox. Yay them.

Have fun, StratumAuhuur

Hi CTFers,

please note that by winning 32C3 CTF, you will be qualified to compete at the DEF CON CTF in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in August 2016. We hope this will give you that extra little bit of motivation to solve all challenges.

The preparations are going well so far, we have a decent number of tough challenges prepared already. We're looking forward to see you in Hamburg, so if you'll be attending the congress, make sure to come by and visit us. Also, it's a good idea to join our IRC channel on hackint: #32c3ctf

Have fun and good luck!


Hi CTFers,

we're happy to announce the 32C3 CTF, which StratumAuhuur will organize during the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. This Jeopardy style CTF is open to everyone and can be played online. It will start on Dec. 27, 20:00 UTC and last 48h until Dec. 29, 20:00 UTC. As always, don't try to ruin other people's fun.


Twitter: @stratumauhuur