34C3 Junior CTF

We are proud to announce that 34C3 CTF will have a junior version this year (also online!). This means that alongside the main event, there will be a separate scoreboard with an easier set of challenges.

What is a CTF and why you should I play it?

A good overview can be found here!

Who can play?

Everyone! There will be no shared challenges with the main contest, so you can play either one, or even both. However, we recommend the junior version for

  • people interested in infosec, who have not played CTF before;
  • CTF players who found the last year's CTF just a bit too hard to be fun;
  • CTF players who want to get better at categories they don't usually work on during CTFs.

While the main contest will have a strict no-hinting policy, for the junior version we can be a bit more helpful, so ask us questions in IRC or come swing by our area at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress. During the CTF, we will have people on-site that can help you get started and deal with problems.

There will be pwnage here as well!

Time: The contest will run for 48 hours, from Dec 27th, 20:00 UTC to Dec 29th, 20:00 UTC.

IRC: #34c3ctf-junior@irc.hackint.org

Contact: Ask for mal_ in IRC or on-site.

Twitter: @EatSleepPwnRpt

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