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Peace Mission Aachen

We are confident, it will happen. Everything will be organized by a secret discordian (dis)order called... You didn't really think we would tell you? Further information will exactly at the worst time appear here and when it is improbable enough at other informationcontinuums, like 27C3 Wiki or some old scary books, even H. P. Lovecraft pissed his pants for.

Voidspace expected to be open (updates within the next adequate intervals)

  • Mon, 27th, 1800 - ~0200
  • Tue, 28th, 1115 - ~0200
  • Wed, 29th, 1115 - ~02001955
  • Thu, 30th, 1115 - ~2000 (cancelled due to no visitors showing up so far, if you're interested in joining this peace mission, tell us)


The Voidspace features a cosy table with a dozen chairs plus projector and audio equipment. Feel free to drop in.

An additional stream can be brought up on demand for a smaller group of interested guests in a comfy sofa area.

Other features include:

  • Mate
  • Premium-Cola
  • other drinks
  • free (w)lan

How to get there:


Wie man von der Martinstraße zu uns kommt.
(don't be shocked that there is no snow on this picture, in reality we've got plenty here.)


See here but only if you are forbidden to do so