Top 3 are:

  1. pasten
  2. Dragon Sector
  3. b1o0p

Congratulations! 48 hours are over, all teams did a great job and we had a lot of fun.

We look forward to you joining us in Hall A.1 now and grab some beers sponsored by Cuckoo Sandbox,


A hint for "feuerfuchs" has been published

We added the Docker image that is used on the remote server to the shjail challenge, so you can develop your exploits locally while we work on handling the load.

An unintended bug has been fixed in smartfridge. Please download the new binary.

Also, we slightly increased the points for 'read-eval-pwn loop' and 'stfp' so our pwnables are now worth 5000 points in total ;)

Because we know you like challenges, we decided to release another three challenges. Here you go:

  • shia
  • smartfridge2
  • smartfridge3

Have fun!

Half time! Here are three brand new challenges for the second 24 hours:

  • sftp
  • shjail
  • smartfridge1

Have fun!

Already before we reach the announced 24 hour cycle, we opened one new challenge for you:

  • tea

Have fun!

Also: We fixed a bug in list0r. In behalf of list0r, please don't spoil the fun for other teams. So, if you find a bug that destroys the game for other teams, contact us immediately. Using this bugs to prevent other teams from solving a challenge is not fair.

The first challenges have been opened. There will be another release cycle after 24 hours. Report any problems you might have in IRC.

Have fun and good luck!

Attention teams!

Those of you following legitbs on twitter will already know that the winner of 33C3 CTF will win one of the few spots in the DEF CON 25 CTF Finals going down in Las Vegas 2017! We're proud to be able to qualify one team for this awesome event and look forward to a tough competition.

Best of luck to all teams!

Hi CTFers,

we're happy to announce our 5th anniversary of the C3 CTF, which will be held during the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. This Jeopardy style CTF is open to everyone and can be played online. It will start on Dec. 27, 20:00 UTC and last 48h until Dec. 29, 20:00 UTC. As always, don't try to ruin other people's fun.

There will be pwnage!


Twitter: @EatSleepPwnRpt