Again, thanks to all pariticipants, you did a great job.

Final ranks:

  1. 0xffa
  2. pasten
  3. Dragon Sector


See you in Hall 17

Hey there CTFers,

one last challenge was just added: pong.

In the meantime over 1000 teams registered and submitted over 1000 flags in total. Thank you all for participating! It has been a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy the challenges.

After the CTF we would like to invite all participants to join us in Hall 17 for a chat and beer or mate.

Cheers and happy pwning!

We recently opened four more challenges: Fyltr, Nokia 1337, Merkelfon, Nokia 31337 - have fun!

We added 3 new challenges: pin, safelock, numeric. Have fun!

We added several new challenges: ls, radio heat, Rick, Roll, crackme, code_mess and cairo.

Have fun!

The CTF is live. More challenges will be added later on. We will announce those here and on IRC.

Good luck and have fun!

Hi CTFers,

we're happy to announce the 31C3 CTF, which StratumAuhuur will organize during the Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. This Jeopardy style CTF is open to everyone and can be played online. It will start on Dec. 27, 20:00 UTC and last 48h until Dec. 29, 20:00 UTC. As always, don't try to ruin other people's fun.


Twitter: @stratumauhuur

We hope to see you soon,